The Big List of Want

This new page is a list of things I want for this blog. Not being a Pope of means, and spending a lot of what little money I have on beer (I know, I sacrifice for you, but it's in my nature!), I don't have the resources I would like to spend on other improvements for the website, and other items for review. So please donate to me so I can give it back to you in the form of content.

To contribute you can  either give me cold, hard, electronic cash via my Paypal account, (linked in the sidebar) or you can send me an email indicating that you would like to mail me some beer, or some other good for review.  

If you are looking for me to review a product that you sell, and would like to use me as a source of advertisement, also please email me. I am very willing to trade goods for advertising space, including reviews and permanent ads.

If no one contributes, its like you are all stealing! (Just kidding, obviously)

Thank you for reading my blog. Every time I get a hit, I get a little more excited about this project.

Layne (Pope Crisco)

Always looking for the little known beers, spirits, cigars and pipe tobacco, but specifically looking for:

(07/01/11) Hopz Cigars (received thanks to Ted's Cigars!)
(07/18/11) Anything from Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey
(07/18/11) Any commercially brewed or distilled beverage made in the state of Texas
(08/06/11) Terrapin Brewing Co. beer not reviewed already. Specifically looking for Moo-Hoo, Big Hoppy Monster, Rye Squared, Wake N Bake, Hopzilla, Pumpkinfest, So Fresh So Green, Green, and Peaotch
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