Monday, December 29, 2008


Whataburger! How i missed you....

On thing i really miss from Texas is this artery clogging combo. Sure there are other good hamburgers, but when I really want a skillet fried burger nothing does better than a Double Double from these joints.

When living in Texas I literally never ate at any other fast food restaurant that served burgers as their mainstay, and why would I want to? They are made to order to the Nth degree. Jalapenos are always on the menu, mustard is the only condiment that comes on the burger without special request, and the cheese is actually cheese.

When it comes down to it though, it is still a burger, but to me it is also a piece of my home that is a luxury at this stage in my life.

My pipe collection.

Here is a quick post to show the rest of my pipe collection.
From top to bottom:
a Savanelli Aligator
2 Viking Machine made pipes (Produced by Bjarne)
And a Tim West freehand pipe.

Both of the Vikings are my established pipes for English/Latakia blends mainly Dunhill's Nightcap and Early Morning Pipe, and the two others are for 1-Q.

i have a shipment of about 11 diffrent blends comming in, so with the new ebay pipes i should be expanding my options with the new ebay purchases.

Happy Intoxication!

Happy smoking!

Christmas Pipe!

Hey guys,
Hope you had a great holiday season, and procured lots of nice new toys.
My big gift of the season was a handmade Castleford pipe by Colin Fromm.

This was a gift from my wife (that i picked out). I believe i am going to dedicate Frog Morton blends to this pipe, having already smoked two bowls of On The Bayou (review to come on the third bowl) since its acquisition.

It smokes ultra cool so far, but i cant seem to pack it tight enough initially, usually it picking up more resistance by the second or third tamper.

It saddens me to say it, but it might overshadow my Tim West that I love so.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Ebay Victory

:) This is my new Savanelli, of the Sherwood Briar line. This will be my second Savanelli, so i have high hopes for the purchase.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 New Pipes From Ebay!

Made my first purchases on last night for these two pipes. Not including the cost of shipping they cost me less than 26 bucks combined. I hope they smoke well, but for the price im sure they will be fine.

Golden Monkey - Victory Brewing Company

I really have not found a Belgium or a Belgium style brew that i like in a long time, and this is no exception.

It tasted of nothing but fruit (bannana) and spice.
It got me a tadd buzzed being my first beer of the evening with help from a 9.5%abv, but it left me feeling sick and tasting fruit all night.

there was a little hoppyness, but after 12 oz all that i left with was a disgustingly sweet aftertaste, and slightly ruined the enjoyment of a shiner bock afterwords.
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