Monday, July 11, 2011

Arturo Fuente Rosado Magnum R 56

After a wonderful breakfast with my wife, and then making some not so fun calls, I decided to treat myself to a smoke before continuing with the packing of my worldly belongings for the move to Texas from Atlanta. Despite the two weeks that I have to do this task I put on my shoes, get in the rust bucket and putter onto my local brick and mortar to pull a few stogies to enjoy this week.

Perhaps it was an unconscious desire to delay packing, but I had a hell of a time picking out the cigars I wanted. Either I felt that the cigar I wanted was pricier than I was looking to spend this afternoon, or I felt I had been smoking one brand too much, but nothing looked particularly desirable.  Realizing that I had wasted a fair amount of time, I decided on a Saint Luis Ray stick based on previous experience with their Rothschild, and the Rosado Magnum R 56 by Arturo Funete, a manufacturer whose product I haven’t experienced in probably close to 7 years for anything a lack of interest in the brand. 

 After lighting the foot and taking a few puffs from the cigar, I noticed a mild pepper flavor on the initial draw,  with slight earthy tones, bordering on the verge of turning into leather notes.

Nutmeg flavors develop as spice flavors subside in the first inch, mellowing out to a nice overall mild “tobacco” flavor through the first third or half of the cigar. After the halfway point these flavors began to develop a slight sour aspect, and a construction flaw became apparent as the wrapper leaf of the cigar began to split and separate from the binder. Thankfully, the flaw burned out without making the smoke tedious to wield, or the burn grossly uneven. 

Overall the flavor was on the medium to mild side that was neither wonderful nor horrible. This cigar was okay, but I believe you should be able to find comparable prices on a much better smoking experience.  

Pope Crisco

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