Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pig n Chick

Back in Atlanta, and being Fourth of July weekend, it would be un-American to not have some barbeque this weekend. Having opened their third restaurant on Briarcliff, not too far from our house, Haley and I went to what is arguably our favorite place for pulled pork, Pig N Chick.

Though we chose to dine on swine, the restaurant does have a full complement of smoked meats, from turkey to brisket, and even hot wings. For the braver individual, or perhaps just the less picky, they also offer “Redneck Nachos” that consist of their fries covered in a mélange of cheese, pulled pork and sauce.

The pork here is just the perfect blend of smoky and sweet, and is bursting with both flavor and moistness. As well their sauces, which they offer an “original,” spicy, and mustard offerings work to compliment the pork better than any commercial sauce I've had to date.

Served with the que, the addition of thick sliced, plain white bread adds a  natural “pillow of BBQ” (as described by my wife) flavor by absorbing and acting as a conduit for additional pork fat and sauce.

While the meat was just wonderful, it seems obvious that the sides are more of a second thought, and do not meet the high quality of the entrée, and is really the only detractor of their fare.

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