Sunday, July 3, 2011

Atlanta, M’Amour #2 Manuel’s Tavern

In the entire perimeter, there is perhaps no bar that I feel more at home than the working class, liberal pulse of Atlanta at Manuel’s Tavern.

A lot of buzz is given to bars like The Brick Store Pub and The Porter because of the sheer amount of beer they have available at any one time, or menus that try to suggest some sort of culinary pedigree, but I rarely find myself wanting to hang out at these places and have a few drinks for an extended amount of time. Too often they are too loud, and well, most likely overpriced to do so. 

Manny’s on the other hand has a somewhat simple, strait forward menu that isn’t about frills, but serving good food at a decent price. The beer selection is also very straight forward in that the craft beer selection is about as extensive as the macro selection. You will have all of the big players (they have both High Life and PBR on tap, where most will have one or the other) and a good selection of local and national craft beers, from local favorites similar to Terrapin to an extensive selection of New Belgium offerings. As well as a thought out selection, the prices of pitchers are reasonable, ranging from 6 bucks for High Life, and 16 for higher end crafts. Not to mention a special price on Terrapin Rye pitchers at 12 dollars every day.

As well as the uncomplicated approach to their beer and drink selection, the atmosphere itself is also very down to earth. There Is a lot of wood and brick walls, concrete floors, and a collection of Atlanta memorabilia that could only be amassed by more than half a century of serving the community.

Perhaps no place will be more missed by me than Manny’s.


Anonymous said...

Manny's! I wish I had something that awesome up here. So far I've found a pseudo-Irish pub close by, but I can't really go unless I'm with my parents or have them drop me off "unmonitored". No place for me to find comforts and kindred spirits. :(

I'll be in ATL at the beginning of August, I take it you'll be out of there by that point, though, right?

Pope Crisco said...

Ya beth, i'll be out of the ATL by 7/26.

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