Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse

Not being above being called a tourist, when in Dallas I promised my wife I would treat her to some Texas BBQ. Perhaps the most popular, at least the most talked about on the Travel Channel and Food Network, my brother and I decided to take her to Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse for some chopped brisket sandwiches. 

As well, the platter we ordered came with a pair of pork ribs, which served as means to gauge the pork options in a beef bbq state. 

The chopped brisket was wonderful. The meat was sweet, and with the fine chopped cut, the bark was well integrated into each bite, making it nice and smoky. The fat content of the brisket made the sandwich moist even without the generous slathering of BBQ sauce. 

While the brisket was just perfect, the ribs were not my favorite, but where okay if you modify the description to include “for pork ‘que in Texas.” The meat was a tad tougher than it would be served in Atlanta, and the sauce seems to fight the sweetness of the meat, instead of acting as a complement. 

Overall through, if you’re in Big D, you shouldn’t pass this place up, there is a reason why they run out of meat on a regular basis. 

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