Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Butternuts Heinnieweisse

Today started off poorly at a little before 5 am as I stepped onto a pile of doggie droppings that magically appeared at the floor in front of my bed while I slept, and pretty much carried on through most of the day. Where yesterday was a breath of fresh air, today I was sucking on the days exhaust. So a beer will turn the day around is I decompress from the day right? So I look at the beer in my fridge and I see the last of the Butternuts cans I purchased, Heinnieweisse, a wheat beer.

I decide to give it a shot, with my day as bad as it’s been, it was appropriate to drink what was possibly the worst beer in the house, and that’s just what I got.

 Color is a pale tangerine color, and looks especially thin bodied. The head starts out  about a finger and a half thick on the initial pour, but dies die quickly to the mere suggestion of head.

Nose is slightly fruity with a very light whiff of something like soy sauce or burning rubber.

The first and all subsequent sips are acrid, and unpleasant. The closest thing I can describe this beer as is like drinking a fluid extracted from used tires with a dash of banana peel added for character. Thank god I always have something else to drink.



Sud Savant said...

It is possible to laugh at this review without mocking your pain? I'd like to think I just did. Now go buy better beer.

Pope Crisco said...

heh, its okay, if i wasn't laughing, i would be crying.

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