Sunday, June 12, 2011

Atlanta, M’Amour #1 Ale Yeah!

As I stated in an earlier post, I will begin to catalog some of my favorite Atlanta spots that make the city unique, and to begin the series I will perhaps be starting with the least likely, because this spot isn’t in Atlanta, but Decatur, GA, and is the newest addition to my list of favorite places, Ale Yeah! Craft Beer Market.

New to the Atlanta area, not even being a year old as I write this, Ale Yeah has carved its niche as an alternative to another “beer store” in the Atlanta metroplex, Hop City (which is located less conveniently to the southeastern side of town), offers a somewhat more limited, but also more selective, range of craft beers. 

While Hop City will stock beer that can be found at most local grocery stores in addition to smaller breweries, the limited range that Ale Yeah deals in allows a staff more knowledgeable about what’s on their shelves, and does not impart a tyranny of choice that can sometimes turn a simple beer run into a mind numbing toil of choice (I find this is also a problem with a lot of bars with too extensive a beer menu).

They also carry a decent, although a little limited, amount of home brewing supplies and yeasts that they always seem to be expanding.

On this trip I picked up a few 4 packs and a bomber that I will save for the move to Dallas to remind me of the beer community in Atlanta and Decatur, and a pint glass adorned with the store’s logo. 

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