Monday, June 6, 2011

Shiner Ruby Redbird

Well this last Saturday was eventful on the beer front as I picked up the supplies for my next batch of beer, a Coffee Mocha Stout that will have an anticipated abv percentage in the 7-8% that my wife decided she wanted as a gift from me in honor of finishing her first year as a pubic high school teacher. As well, per her request, we also picked up a sixer of the new Shiner Ruby Redbird, a beer that boasts ginger and Texas ruby red grapefruit juice as flavor components. I had considered getting for myself the night before, but decided against.

While I think Shiner Bock is a decent, middle of the road and easily drinking introduction to craft beer currently, the beer has lost some of its luster from when it was my beer of choice in college, where it was generally the closest thing to a craft beer at the local bars in Denton, TX, and could be had for four to five bucks for a 24 ounce cup most weeknights. As my experience as a beer drinker has expanded, the lack of real quality relative to most other craft beer has become apparent, and is compounded with most of their ventures into limited runs of seasonal inspired (or perhaps marketed) beer.

Appearance is a golden copper in color. While a very aggressive pour can result in a nice finger and a half of a stark white head, it quickly dissipates to nothing. A lot of active carbonation gives the beer champagne like effervescence at the initial pour, but like the head also falls flat before the beverage is finished.

Candy like ginger nose is present,with a slight suggestion of citrus.

On the first sip the ginger flavoring is very forward on the palate, and a bitterness that brings out the grapefruit is on the backend. With the exception of a slight maltyness, no real “beer” flavor is present in the brew.

Although I always get a little excited when I see a new Shiner offering, this beer reinforces my dislike of Spoetzl’s seasonal offerings. If it says Shiner, but not Bock, it often seems like a gamble in the houses favor. At least my wife likes it.


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