Thursday, June 9, 2011

Butternut's Porkslap Pale Ale

Well it’s Thursday night, and the beginning of my weekend.
Tonight my wife is making beer can chicken on the grill, and I purchased a sampler from the Butternuts Beer and Ale, with the intention of reviewing the beer that wouldn’t be shoved up the bird’s posterior.

Between the stout, IPA, weiss, and a pale ale, I figured the pale ale, named Porkslap by the brewery, would be the most appropriate.

As a post workweek, pre dinner, drinking, I pop a top and pour it into a pint glass, where the copper beverage, while moderately carbonated, failed to develop much more than the faint idea of a head.

The nose is malt forward, with the faint trace of bitterness that I suspect I wouldn’t notice if I wasn’t looking for it.

Like the nose, the flavor doesn’t offer much more than a somewhat medium bodied, malt forward, somewhat sour, caramel like flavor with a minute hint of bitterness.
The mouthfeel is nice and full, with a respectful amount of “tooth” to it.

While I do not recommend this beer, it is not bad, but not great either. It is refreshing, but my first brew experiment, also a pale ale, came out almost exactly the same as the result of this commercial beer, although mine has more, and better flavor.

The chicken was good and moist though, with perhaps a little sweetness imparted by the beer.


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