Thursday, June 23, 2011

Real Ale’s Fireman #4 Blonde Ale

So this morning when running to a gas station on an orange juice run, it also became a beer run when I saw a six pack of Real Ale’s Fireman #4 Blonde Ale, brewed in Blanco, TX, near Austin.

Being is that I’m bored out of my mind, waiting for people to come and wok on my mom’s pool, and thinking about a job interview that my wife is going through right now at the Dallas Museum of Art, I figure to pop the top off of one of the newly acquired beers to help divert my attention, one top which quickly becomes three.  

To say the least, initially I  enjoyed this beer immensely. Pouring a clear straw yellow with oodles of active carbonation. While the head forms majestically, it does but dissipate  rather quickly.

The nose is light and malty, very similar to traditional Czech style pilsners popular by American macro breweries.

With a flavor very similar to white wine, the beer’s flavor profile opens with a slightly sweet, fruity zest, but is nicely balanced with a thin hop bitterness on the backend. For a lighter beer the flavor is robust, but, as with American pilsners and lagers that make great poolside beer, there is a quick, crisp, dry finish that makes the beer very refreshing in the summer heat.


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