Sunday, June 12, 2011

Butternuts Snapperhead IPA

After a wonderful meal of carne asada tacos, 64 ounces Dos Equis, and a movie with the little lady, I am winding down with my ritual cocktail of blood pressure meds, Zoloft, and a beer.

Looking for something more hop forward than the stouts, hefeweizens, brown and pale ales that I’ve been drinking recently, I put my faith in the Snapperhead IPA, brewed by Butternuts Beer and Ale.

The beer pours out slightly opaque, brown tinted orange hue, off white head about 2 fingers tall, and lots of active carbonation. One thing that this brewery does well, in my opinion, is make some good looking beer, usually with a nice color, good head, and wonderful lacing.

The nose is of “green” hops, with a lot of malt scents joining in the part.

With the first few sips there is a lot of bitterness without much flavor, and a sourness that is somewhat similar to their pale ale. The bitterness beginning subsides after a few sips, leaving the qualities of a beer that at its best is lackluster.

This is one of my least favorite India pale ales that I have tried to date. Save your money on this one, and get any IPA that is distributed out of the west coast. Even the worst nationally distributed IPA from California or Oregon is better than this.


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