Saturday, June 11, 2011

Butternut's Moo Thunder Stout

All I wanna do is drink beer for breakfast, or in this case, for brunch seeing that it is 11:30. Being in a mood to be inebriated this Saturday, I have popped a top of the second of four varieties of beer from the Butternuts brewery. This time their stout, Moo Thunder, is the beverage du jour.

 The beer pours into the pint glass as an opaque black beverage, with a fluffy, rich hazel head that sits about half a finger tall.

A distinct mocha aroma is forward on the nose, with some slight hint of burnt coffee.

Taking the first sip I am blown away by a rich burnt coffee flavor with mild bitterness, which I find wonderfully warm and inviting. The mouth feel is silky as any stout worth a drinker’s time should be, and there is an obscene amount of lacing left as a reminder of the beer when finished.

This is a wonderful example of a stout, being more flavorful than the ubiquitous example of a stout in Guinness, and on par with most other middle of the road craft stouts available in a bottle.

 I would suggest this beer as being moderately recommended by myself.

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