Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Red Brick Blonde

After an abbreviated work day, predominated by training that will be wasted with me leaving my employer in just 6 more days of toil, my wife and I enjoy some hot wings and share a pitcher of Duck Rabbit amber, which was really enjoyable, I sit home in front of the television and watch the first period of game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, and pop a top off a Red Brick Blond.  

The color of the brew is mostly translucent yellow orange, with a stark white head that starts impressive, but reduces to about half a finger thick.

The beer greets the drinker with a nose that is malty with the presence of a light citrus character.    
The flavor of this beer is a mildly sweet, malt forward taste with bitterness on the back end somewhat reminiscent of lemon peel, but not more complicated than that.

Other than the porter, this is my favorite red brick to date. This is more balanced and less sour than the pale ale, and overall a better beer. I want to like red brick more than I do, but their beers for the most part seem to always taste a bit off. Sweetwater only edges out redbrick for the number two established brewery in my rankings of the big GA breweries because while the majority of their beer is boring, their IPA is approachable, and their pale ale, even if unexciting, is more drinkable than the Red Brick counterpart.


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