Monday, June 13, 2011

Austin Home Brew 20 Anniversary Lemon Wheat Kit

Well, today was a wonderful day, as I got to turn in my letter of resignation for a job that has crushed my soul for the past half decade. To celebrate my wife brought home some hand sliced rib eyes, baked some potatoes, and indulged my need for sport by allowing me to watch hockey as we ate (but I changed it and am now listening to game six of the playoffs after Boston made the ‘Nucks their bitch in the first period). Now as an aperitif, I have a couple bottles of a lemon wheat beer that Austin Homebrew Supply sold as a 20 anniversary kit, with the added boost of a 1% ABV pack of dry malt extract.

Now for a little background, I am not a seasoned home brewer, and your results with the same kit will almost certainly be somewhat different. This was not brewed in the best circumstances as I let this bad boy sit in the primary for about 5 weeks, when usually I would be bottling in three.

While I did not figure out the final ABV, I know I can drink a bomber of this and be more than intoxicated, just a bottle and I’m buzzed, which is saying something, but in no way proof in itself.

The color is a nice yellow tinted orange, and produces a healthy amount of head if not carefully poured out.

The nose is mildly banana-ee, with a slight suggestion of citrus. The beverage is easily drinkable carried on the back of a mellow fruitiness, with a soft lemon bitterness on the back end. Present is also a slight alcohol tinge in the mix, but does not take too much away from the drinking experience.   

This being my first experience with AHB or their recipe kits I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome, and will happily purchase from them again in the future.


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jason said...

Congratulations on the resignation and the beer looks awesome. I wish I would have ordered a couple of those guys.

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