Friday, June 10, 2011

Red Brick Brown

Currently my wife and I are taking in the sights and sounds of Atlanta as our time in this city winds down.  After a day of running around, having a good lunch, and picking up some ice cream for the wife, and a cigar for myself, It is time to unwind on this warm, humid, late spring day.
Continuing with my consumption of the city’s offerings, I pick out another Red Brick brew from the “Box of Bricks” sampler that I picked up earlier this week, their Brown, a brown ale (surprise surprise).  

The beer is a nice, dark brown ale with a slightly off white head. Over the course of consumption there was also some good lacing action produced. The nose is somewhat bold, with a pronounced, sweet, malt forward nose.

With a mouth feel that is somewhat sticky, full and velvety, a strong, toasted caramel malt flavor is forward on the palate with a nice coffee bitterness on the backend to round out the drink. I could handle to take the sweetness down a notch, but it’s a nice beer without much complexity.

Much like the other regular offerings of this brewery, the beer is okay, but there are a number of better, more interesting examples of the style.

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