Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sorry For The Typos #2 (June/Summer 2011)

Hey readers,  

Hope all is going well! Summer is on its way, and I thought it was time to do another “what’s coming down the pipeline” post.

As I’m sure my regular readers will likely have noticed, we are moving up in the world, and now sitting pretty at This has already seemed to garnish more traffic, and hopefully that will translate into more (or should I say any) revenue that will allow me to expand on the content at Pope Crisco’s Intoxico!  

On the beer front you can expect more beer reviews, with a number of Red Brick and Samuel Adams beers currently in the chill chest, alongside a Shiner Summer Ale and another brew from Thomas Creek.  Also I will be brewing my 4th beer soon, a Mocha Coffee Stout with a planned ABV in the 8-9% range, and I am considering either creating a written or video tutorial on the process if it seems like there is interest in the endeavor.

Also, with the warmer weather coming to the Dirty Dirty, and my wife’s love of cold treats, expect a few posts about local proprietors of snow cones, ice cream, and other chilled novelties that give the city character and value to Hotlanta’s denizens.

While the Prog-ress report was probably one of my more viewed posts, one bad album sidetracked the endeavor, but I do hope to start reviewing jazz and classical albums in the next few weeks.

Other than what’s been mentioned, of course expect a number of random subjects to be addressed as I feel a need to nerd up the internet even more than it already is. As always feel free to comment on my posts, and suggest new content.

Thanks for reading,
Pope Crisco

1 comment:

Sud Savant said...

Definitely interested on hearing about the Mocha Coffee Stout! Also, if you need some classical music album suggestions, give a holler. Though most of my classical experience does rest in choral and piano/organ works.

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