Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Red Brick Helluva Bock

Tonight, with a litany of country songs to console a heavy heart, I decided to drink to loss, opening a few beers, and letting a nice drunk take hold. Because I feel a need to document the beer that I drink, which I realize is somewhat silly and extremely narcissistic, I have not jumped into binge drinking, but will take the time to savor, which is probably a good thing.

Meaning to drink this earlier in the week, but delayed due to interest being diverted by other news, tonight I pour a Red Brick Helluva Bock.  

Once poured, the body is a light, very translucent coppery tone, with a thin, stark white head. This is surprising to myself, because, growing up with Shiner Bock, I expect a dark brown hue to bocks.  

The nose is bready, and malty, without much bitterness to be  detected.

As suggested by smell, a sweet, caramel flavor is prominent, with only a very a slight bitterness on the backend. The sweetness becomes more prominent the more beverage that is consumed, almost becoming cloyingly saccharine.

The beer is easy to drink, but lacks any aspects that would make me want to come back to the beverage again. When I see bock, I expect a certain degree of nuttiness and a balanced sweetness, where this was just sweet.


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Sud Savant said...

It really bothers me when a beer promises itself as "Robust," "Bold," or "Helluva" and then fails to deliver. Easy to drink does not equal "helluva."

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