Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sam Adams Latitude 48 India Pale Ale

Well, I am done with another week of toil, and being ready to put my feet up for the weekend, I am enjoying a pre dinner, pre midnight screening of Green Lantern (because I’m a nerd), beer. Limited to a sampler of Sam Adams that the wife picked up a few weekends ago, I pop the top of a Latitude 48 IPA.

The brew is a clear, super translucent, dark amber color with a healthy, slightly off white head that poured out a good two fingers, but died down especially fast. Lacing was sparse as I drank the beer.

The nose was slightly bready with a hop forward aroma.

As I begin to consume the beverage, the intial bitterness is a bit sharp, and very floral.  On subsequent drinks, though, more malt flavor develops and rounds out the hop forward profile with a bit of caramel essence on the backend.

This beer wouldn’t be a first choice for a pull, but if it was offered at a bar with a limited selection I wouldn’t count this offering out of contention, however there are much better IPAs available.
Anyways, I’m off for some Chinese and spandex clad action,


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