Saturday, June 11, 2011

Going Home, Leaving Home.

A few days ago, a mother bird started construction in a part of our patio in the same position where a bird had built a nest three years ago when my wife and I purchased our current abode. A few days ago it had appeared that the bird found the location unsuitable, and destroyed the work it had started, and has apparently abandoned this location for another, more sheltered locale. There is not a more suitable metaphor for my own current state of affairs.

Like a lot of people in these less than sustainable economic times, my wife and I have struggled for the past two and half years, which began shortly after we purchased this house. While we love the house, and Atlanta, the city we call home, it cannot meet our needs at this time, and must say goodbye.

From now through the beginning of August I will try to highlight a few of the wonderful restaurants, stores, and sights that made our lives in this city enjoyable. And in late August, barring circumstance, I will begin learning to relearn the area I grew up in, the Dallas and Fort Worth areas of North Texas.

To Atlanta, and the people and friends I met in Atlanta, I want to thank you for inspiring me to move and grow out of my shell, to helping me find my self worth, and all of the wonderful opportunities knowing you has afforded me. I hope to take the lessons with me, and carve another niche in a new, old home.

Like your many rebirths Atlanta, it is time for my own.

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Sud Savant said...

Get ye back to Shiner country! And remember, it's always easier to keep one's chin up if there's a bottle in front of it. Yeah, I just made that up.

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