Monday, July 4, 2011

Full Sail LTD 05

Tonight I’ve decided to drink Recipe No. 5 from the Full Sail Limited series. This would be only my second beer from this company, having only somewhat enjoyed their Session Black Lager back in April.  

The beer pours out a nice dark amber color, and forms a minimal white head.

Hints of cherry are present in the nose, but otherwise has very malt and caramel forward aroma.

Wonderful light caramel flavors greet the first sip, with a slight lemon bitterness that really helps round out the beer.  The bitterness subsides the more I drink, but still lingers through the drinking experience.

I am really taken by this beer.  It has the nice warm caramel of so many brown ales, but with the depth and character seen in few.

I must say that I do highly recommend you try this beer .


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