Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oliva Series G Perfecto

Well today I began packing away books and the action figures that stare at me when I’m at my computer and booked a moving company to haul all this crap from Georgia to Texas. Mentally I feel like I’ve done very little, but my body wants to give in and have a long nap and a smoke. I deny the sleep, but acknowledge the craving for nicotine buy cutting into an Oliva Series G perfecto.

This maduro, 5.5 by 54 cigar is an interesting combination of a box press with a round bulge up 2/3rds the way from the foot to the head. The shape fits comfortably in my mouth as I get ready to light her up. 

The smoke begins with leather and generic spice, through the first inch and a half the same flavors become more pronounced and take a sweeter turn for the good. At about the half way point the cigar transitions to a slight coffee and leather flavor, holding on to the sweetness initiated earlier in the stogie, mellowing out to the point where is started to singe my mustache.

I would classify the robustness of flavor and nicotine content in the medium range. The construction was wonderful, only being ashed twice through the combustion, despite minor issues with the burn at the initial light. 

This cigar finished much better than it started, and it started off pretty good.

Happy Smoking,
Pope Crisco

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