Monday, July 18, 2011

Saint Luis Rey Serie G #6 Natural

I hope everyone had a pleasurable weekend, I had a fine one myself.  While Saturday was uneventful, Sunday was filled with a lot of good food, and the subject of this post, a nice cigar.

Having enjoyed the maduro Saint Luis Rey Serie G #6, I picked up the natural of the same line, and after lasts nights veritable feast of vegetarian Indian food, I decided to put on some music and light the stick up, for some quality me time.

The only visual or tactile difference in the two cigars, as should be, was the natural wrapper as opposed to the previous maduro wrapper. Both cigars had the same 6 by 60 dimensions and hefty mass.  

At the first quarter inch of tobacco, there was a nice nutty flavor with a very mild spice and slight dull sourness that seems to be more common in cigars with natural wrappers.  
By the first inch the sourness and spice subsided, unveiling a sweetish nut flavor with slight coca and coffee undertones.

Just pass the halfway point the generic spice at the initial light begins to emerge again, but more mellow than at the outset of the cigar, and carry onto the end of the cigar.

As I put the cigar down I was feeling more than a bit nauseous from the nicotine, and thinking to myself how this cigar was not quite as good as the maduro, but is decent cigar nonetheless.

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