Monday, July 4, 2011

CAO America “Landmark”

Happy 4th of july friends and visitors!

Today I have steaks to grill and American beer to drink, and what better compliment would be a few cigars?
Perusing my local tobacconist’s shelves I ran across the CAO America “Landmark,” one of the few CAO blends that I’ve not previously smoked. Thinking that it was providence to notice the cigar, that wasn’t in the best spot of the humidor, I felt nothing was more appropriate to review on our nation’s holiday.

The cigar is a 6 by 50 double ring, double Connecticut wrapped cigar, giving it the very aesthetically interesting barber pole effect.

During the first half inch of the stick, a generic tobacco sourness begins to develop, with a nice pepper and roasted nut notes, a sourness that mellows out considerably by the end of the first inch.

Near the half way mark a nice light earthiness develops, the pepper spice is subsiding and replaced with cedar notes.

Just past the half way point the nicotine seems to go from 0 to 60, hitting me pretty hard, but in a good way. 

The woodiness develops more through the end of the cigar, putting a wonderful end to another equally wonderful cigar from CAO. I would classify it as a somewhat sweeter version of the Brazilia line, which is perhaps my favorite go-to smoke.

This was perfect way to begin my 4th festivities.

Happy smoking and have a safe fourth!

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