Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Atlanta, M’Amour #3 Puff 'N' Stuff

As evident by the several cigar reviews posted earlier in the week, this week I stopped by my favorite ITP (for non Atlantians, that means  “in the perimeter” or inside the beltway of highway 285 that surrounds the Atlanta metroplex) tobacconist, Puff N Stuff to pick up a few cigars to celebrate my freedom from a not so wonderful employer. Located in Decatur, this shop has been my local brick and mortar shop for the past three years.

Before I start laying down the love, the one drawback to this store is a limited amount of shelf space in their humidor does affect the overall variety available, so a few noteworthy omissions from larger manufactures do exist. Now that being said, the cigars that they do select to carry are generally very strong choices, including an extensive selection in their offerings from Perdomo and La Flor Dominicana, my favorite brand.  As well, in regards to their cigars, they are priced quite reasonably relative to other stores in the area. 

Now, the real reason that I truly love this store though is for the outstanding selection of pipe tobacco that they carry. In my life I have only seen one store have a better selection, and that store is no longer in business. They always have a number of tins from all the larger producers of pipe tobacco such as Samuel Gawith, Dunhill, CAO,  Solani, GL Pease, and (although not pictured) a mind boggling selection of tins from Cornell and Diehl. Add an equally extensive selection of bulk tobacco, including their own stoved red Virginia flake which is a must try, and the fact they don’t try to sell this bulk under the pretext that these are their own blends, makes this shop a pipe smokers go-to destination. 

Throw in a staff that is well versed in both customer service and the tobacco industry, and you have a gem of a resource for the premium tobacco community. Just be careful that you have time to gab when you stop in. Alan, the store’s owner, loves to pontificate on all subjects, which is a wonderful thing for a tobacconist, but can make a spouse waiting in the car a bit annoyed when “just running in for a few sticks.”

Pope Crisco

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