Monday, July 18, 2011

Atlanta, M’Amour #4 King of Pops

While I, at best, have a mild like of the very occasional dessert, Haley, my wife, has the same love I have that I bring to beer for ice cream, baked goods, and other sweet treats. Because of her keen eye for new and interesting novelties, and thanks to a location across the street from Manuel’s Tavern, a year ago or so we found King Of Pops, one of a handful of street food vendors that have emerged in the city recently. 

More than just handmade, well crafted popsicles bursting with as much fresh ingredients as bright and vibrant flavor, King of Pops brings an interesting and diverse palate to the treat that filled our childhoods, making a selection to interest the imaginations and taste buds of the young and old alike.   Examples range from the sweet, like Fresh Georgia Peach, Chocolate with Sea Salt, and Pineapple Ginger to the slightly spicy Mango 

Now King of Pops can also be found in Asheville and Charleston, per their/his website.  

One can find out his rotating menu and locations via or via Facebook

Pope Crisco

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