Sunday, July 10, 2011

Land Shark Premium Lager

It’s nice to be home after a weekend in a cabin on Lake Santeela, just outside of the Smokey Mountain National Park on the North Carolina side. Over the weekend I had a number of beers, some great, but others, well, let’s just hard to say it’s not cheap or practical to use craft beer for games of excess drinking.  

More to come on the beer that I drank over the weekend later, but now I will return to internet access with a brief review of a beer that was purchased with the intent of being part of a mixed drink.

Not sanctioned by myself, Amanda, my wife’s friend from college, had purchased a six pack of Landshark, the beer promoted by Jimmy Buffet, for the purpose of making Beergaritas, or basically a mix of lemonade, beer, and tequila. Due to an excess of beer and wine though, the hard liquor was not needed, and I found myself in possession of a can of the lager.

Seeing that I have no pleasure in his music, or his chain restaurants, I expected that Buffet’s beer would also be produced to be consumed by fans of the bland, and my expectations were right on target.  
To make things concise, I will drop all pretense that I will give other beers. The beer was a typical macro lager with a macro lager color and lack of flavor. The mouth feel was a little fuller than most lagers, but mouth feel a good beer does not make.  

Embedded below is a much more enjoyable Land Shark.


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