Thursday, March 3, 2011

Left Hand Milk Stout

I really don’t drink this much good beer usually, but lady fortune has smiled on me again, as my wife has presented me with some Left Hand Brewery’s Milk Stout. Now, this is not a beer that I am totally unfamiliar with. On occasion my wife and I have enjoyed several of these fine stouts, and is probably my wife’s favorite stout. The packaging has been updated to less of a southwestern look, and now reflects an art deco inspired label. So, enough preface, there is beer to drink!
Pouring the beer, it is a dark, almost black, brown elixir. Once poured, only the slightest light can be seen through the pint glass. The carbonation appears to be on the lighter side. The head is thin, and exhibits nice, light nut brown tint.
The nose is that of burnt toffee.
The mouth feel is initially wet and velvety, but leaves one thirsty as it exits down the gullet.
The first thing tasted is a nice burnt caramel, very sweet and malty. On the backend there is the tang of burnt coffee, and maybe a little chocolate, with a pronounced, kind of heavy ,bitterness (if that makes sense).
As I come to the last bit of beer, the lacing on my pint glass is minimal.  And despite this being the only beer I’ll have tonight, and being full, I can feel the alcohol as it softens my perception, usually the effect of my second beer of the night.
Overall this is a finely crafted stout. There is a lot happening, there are a lot of wonderful flavors, and a nice oral texture. I am hard pressed to find any fault with this beer. Proust!

Pope Crisco

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