Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sorry For The Typos #1 (March/Spring 2011)

Happy Fat Tuesday for all of my readers (or reader, whatever the case might be).
This will be a reoccurring segment just to let you all know what Mr. Crisco has in the works for the upcoming month or so. As well, I will have a “call for content” where I will ask for the readers to suggest things they would like to see (although I am always willing to take suggestions for any new content you might like). So without Further ado…

Beer, beer, and beer:
With Lent coming up I have decided that I need to reduce the amount of alcohol that I intake on a given night. So starting this week I will begin limiting myself to just two beers a night, with at most 12 beers a week. While this will reduce the amount of beer that I consume, obviously, because I am not concerned with quantity I can focus on quality. So expect 2 beer reviews per week over the next 40 days and nights. Penance was never so tasty!
Also, later today I will be making full advantage of Fat Tuesday with 2 Big Beer (as in big bottles) reviews, as well as other content.
And finally, for more outward looking, I will hopefully begin brewing my own beer later in spring/summer. Of course I’ll bring you along for the trip.
The Prog-ress report:
Already began early this month, I have started to take suggestions for albums of groups and genres of music that I am not familiar with to listen to for a solid week, and then reviewing , with the object of expanding my musical horizons. This month, to kick things off, will be Prog rock related. Feel free to suggest next month’s theme or an album by either commenting on this post or emailing me at popecrisco@gmail.com!

As always I will be doing reviews of comic books, food stuffs, and other forms of diversion.
Calls For Content:
Have a beer you would like reviewed? Want to suggest your favorite reggae, dub, death metal, trance album? Please let me know! Leave a comment! Email me! I want to service you!

Pope Crisco

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