Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Smuttynose Wheat Wine Ale

Because I will be abstaining for beer for a night, and because I will not be having session drinking sessions for the next 40 days and nights, although I will permit myself two ales, today I am enjoying, in the words of the Coneheads, “mass quantities,” starting with this one pint, six ounce, 10 %+abv bad boy from New Hampshire based Smuttynose brewery.

The pour shows a light carbonation, and a thin head with a slight off white coloration. The brew itself is a nice copper/slight amber color. Despite not being the darkest of beers, the beer itself is almost opaque due to floating sediment in the beverage.

The nose is fruity and acidic, similar to an apricot, but with a pineapple note.
Upon drinking the first thing noticed, before the flavor, is that of the mouth feel, which is syrupy and thick. The flavor profile is a malt heavy, very sweet front end, with a sharp bitterness that dissipated after the first several sips. The sweetness prevails to the end, combined with the viscous, chewy texture of the beverage.

Overall the beer was fine, but nothing I want to drink very often, or a lot of.

Pope Crisco

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