Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rogue’s Maierfest Lager

Finished with dinner, and ready for my dessert with big beer number two of the evening: Rogue’s Maierfest Lager, also served in a 650 ml bottle. Beer Advocate lists the ABV at 5.6%.

Boasting just 7 ingredients (or maybe that’s as many as 7 ingredients) the beer pours with moderate carbonation, and is a tang like, orange color, with similar floating particulate to the beverage of America’s space program. The head is also tinted a slight orangish hue as well.

The nose is a very delicate, sweet and malty scent, but not much more definable than that.

The flavor is lightly citrus carried on the back of a heavy maltiness without very much bitterness to speak of.

The mouth feel is wet and dry, and perhaps not the best match with the saltiness of my dinner.

It’s a decent beer, as Rogue doesn’t make a bad product, but it just lays somewhat in the middle of the road for a craft beer.

Pope Crisco

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