Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Marriage Made in Nerd Bachelor Heaven -The Arkeg

So, it’s Sunday morning, and I’m just browsing for a little something (which basically means I want to buy something, anything, on the cheap) and I came across a kegerator or two, and that lead me to search for deals on kegerators, which lead me to discover the Arkeg.

Designed for the perpetual hetero bachelor, it is a keg cooler and tap surrounded by a video game cabinet mounted with a screen and a video game emulator, loaded 69 classic retro games. It is at least a fun idea for the beer drinking nerd who wants to show his other nerd friends how to have a good, nerd time.  

While I like the idea of it in theory, it’s much more practical to just buy a game system and a standalone kegerator. Keeping both separate makes one more approachable by the opposite sex, offer equal or great entertainment value, and will save you about 3300 dollars off the 4000 dollar sticker price.

Pope Crisco

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