Sunday, March 13, 2011

Heavy Sea’s Loose Cannon Hop Cubed IPA

Having a nice long Sunday, despite losing an hour due to daylight savings, is what one needs to restore ones batteries and get one mentally prepared for the coming work week. Today I had a relaxed day of listening to music, doing some minor chores, and reading quite a bit about beer and brewing. To cap off the night I decided to break open a new beer to myself, Heavy Sea’s Loose Cannon Hop Cubed IPA.  Advertised as being triple hopped, the Clipper City Brewing Company refers to it as “an amazingly graceful American IPA,” at 7.25% abv.

Pouring into a standard pint glass the beverage exhibits a nice pale orange hue. The head off white, and about a finger at its apex, and quickly dissipates to about a quarter of the original size after only a few moments.

The nose is grapefruit heavy with a malty background.  

Bitterness and grapefruit are upfront initially, but the upfront boldness last very briefly, becoming maltier and more mellow, with an slight tilt towards an orange flavor. The bitterness does appear to linger longer the more I drink the brew.

Overall this is a very well crafted beer, displaying a lot of balance, and as described by the brewer’s description, grace. Perhaps I would have been happier with a more hop forward beer, but this is quite enjoyable. 


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