Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Best of Mediocrity

Hello all,
Over the last month I have acquired  6 cans of various lagers, from Pabst Blue Ribbon to Budweiser with the intention of doing a blind taste test to see who reigns supreme atop the hill of mediocrity, and whether the budget priced beers stack up to the pricier competition.
Tonight after a hearty meal my wife indulged me in proctoring the blind macro brewery beer taste test by labeling the cans of beer one through six and matching that with a solo cup labeled in a similar fashion.
My favorite of the night was #4, which was full of an apricot flavor, with a nice bitter backend. Following the leader of the pack, #2 and #6 followed with a lighter, fruity/apple note, with only a mild bitterness. The following three seemed to be the same beers, all being mostly flavorless with a very light, almost nonexistent bitter note.   
The final rankings:
1 (#4) PBR
2 (#2) Carling Black Label (also brewed by Pabst)
3 (#6) Old Milwaukee
4 (#1) Miller High Life
5 (#3) Budweiser
6 (#5) Coors
Finding out that I preferred PBR over my usual weekday brew in Highlife was interesting, but even more so is that the Schlitz brewed Old Milwaukee even outperformed the beer that I had thought I preferred to all others Macros.

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Joffre said...

Brilliant idea, dude.

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