Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Decent Try At Rye

Well, A few weeks ago I had gone out to do the weeks grocery shopping, and feeling without a project to occupy myself, I decided to gather the ingredients for a loaf of bread. I had previously been really into making pizza dough, but never got a result that I loved, so this would be my return to the world of bread baking. Being on a Ruben kick over the past week I loaded up my cart at our local farmers market with the parts to construct a loaf of rye bread.

And that’s all that happened for about 3 weeks until last night. Gearing up for my evening I sat in front of the computer catching up on my YouTube subscriptions, where one of the presenters I follow made this video of how to bake a wheat bread. Taking this as a sign that I should get to work on my own social network project, I spent the day (about 6.5 hours) working with dough to come up with an okay loaf of rye tasting bread using this recipe (adding a fair amount of errors).
It has a fine flavor, but the results are a little spongy, and not as light a bread as I would have preferred, but maybe I’ll have better luck next time.

Pope Crisco  

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