Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Lusty Monk “Alter Boy” Honey Mustard

Well, being Fat Tuesday, one objective is to fortify oneself for the next day of fasting, and with a day off I have the opportunely to prepare a meal, as opposed to reheat or buy one while at work. Being a manly man, I plan ahead when shopping with the little lady to enjoy a some fresh hot Italian sausages when at the farmers market, however being a little boy, I get turkey instead of pork to avoid a conflict with the wife (we are planning a diet to coincide with the beginning of lent), and intend to enjoy on some whole wheat bread also purchased at the same market.  As well as being a very hearty meal, it will also give me a base to do a review of The Lusty Monk “Alter Boy” honey mustard, a condiment brought home by my wife she obtained from her part time duties as a sandwich maker at a small boutique deli.

On appearance the mustard looks very rich, the texture being very smooth, thick, and chock full of mustard seed. So I slather a healthy bit on top of a slice of bread, and a link of sausage, and begin to enjoy my lunch, with a healthy glass of wheat ale to wash it down.

Coupled with the wheat bread alone, the mustard's spice is very pronounced, and almost painful, but quickly dissipates. Replacing heat and spice, a rich honey flavor becomes apparent and lingers well after the bread has been swallowed.

The heat is much less pronounced on the turkey sausage, and its sweetness is less obscured by the mustard seed bite. Perhaps the fats of the meat help mellow out the robustness so apparent when enjoyed on the bread.

Pope Crisco approves of this Lusty Monk. 


Joffre said...

Are you kidding me? Mustard reviews?! My new favorite blog. Seriously.

Ms. Coplen said...

I agree with you that the mustard is very spicy, but I feel I must remind you that it is THE MILDEST OF THEIR MUSTARDS!! Should I bring home other varieties on Sunday??

Pope Crisco said...

uh yes. best wife ever.

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