Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mississippi Mud by the Mississippi Brewing Co.

Well guys, hump day is here. To celebrate being on the downward trek of the work week, with a short road trip to Athens, GA for a, well a wedding shower, and the bottling of my first beer on the horizon, I thought I would crack open a growler Of Mississippi Mud by the Mississippi Brewing company (out of Utica, NY? Damned Yankees)to celebrate.

Marketed as a “black and tan” beer, mixing a porter and a pilsner, the beer pours a nice dark brown with a head that has a light tan hue to it, and is quick to dissipate.

The brew smells light and malty with coffee notes and bitterness.

While the head is fresh, I assume because more air is mingling with the beverage, the flavor comes on full of espresso qualities, as the smell suggested, but quickly dissipates and mellows out on the backend. However it seems that when the head is cleared, perhaps also when my palette isn’t in shock of such full flavor, becomes exponentially milder, almost to the point in which it becomes a little boring by the time the growlers contents are emptied. The mouth feel is somewhat dry.

The novelty of the growler, and the design helped me pick it off the shelf, but I don’t really see myself buying this again. While it is an okay, approachable, darker beer, there are a lot of similarly priced “big beers” that have more robust and unique attributes.

Perhaps if the beer was just a porter, and not mellowed out by the lager, this would be a more worthwhile drink.


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