Thursday, March 10, 2011

Terrapin Hop-Karma Brown IPA

One of the reasons, second to reducing caloric intake, why I am reducing my beer consumption for lent is related to the relationship that my work and alcohol play in my life. Namely, I have a bad day at work (which is almost every day because I work in customer service hell) and I come home and drink four or five beers, I sleep, and wake up a little worse for wear to take on the next morning. Not hung over, but tired because of the frequent trips to the John to relieve my bladder of processed beer.

So far, so good. My desire for drinking beer has been, one day in, going well. Usually I’m finishing my third beer, and working on my fourth of the night by this hour, but here it I am, sober as a baby. However, it is a baby that has reduced his caloric intake and is kinda grumpy after a long day at work, and looking forward to some beer tonight

Some Terrapin Hop-Karma Brown IPA to be precise, which is described by the Athens-based brewery as “a collision between a hoppy west coast IPA and a malty, complex brown ale.”
Pouring the beer, the barley translucent chocolate elixir creates a hazelnut head that sits about half a finger above the beer. The nose is very bready with a nice yummy hop roundness.

It cries “Drink me!”

I do.

I am not disappointed, not at all. A sweet, warm maltyness, singing notes of coffee washes over my tongue and is left with just a lovely, sharp pine flavor and bitterness, but quickly mellows out, leaving the initial burnt coffee flavor. Maybe I’m just happy to have a beer in hand, but I think I might taste the slightest hints of chocolate.

The lacing is a thing of beauty, being long lasting and thick banded.
Sometime I can’t get over how much better Terrapin is so much better than the other big Georgia micro brewers.

Well, time to stop talking about beer, and start drinking beer.


Pope Crisco

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