Sunday, March 27, 2011

Highland Brewing Co. Black Mocha Stout

Well, this past saint paddy’s day I was in look for a stout that I had not enjoyed previously, and trying to keep at least one six pack of my two weekly sixers, I went with Highland Brewing Company’s Black Mocha Stout, brewed just a few hours away in Ashville, NC.

Nothing says Ireland like a beer brewed by Americans, giving homage to Scotland, right?

All kidding aside, this was a really wonderful stout.

The nose is heavy with malt grains, carrying a light charred note. The head, which is very substantial and alive with carbonation, exhibits a wonderful coco hue, which sits atop a brew that is so dark it seems light cannot escape its gravitational pull.

As the heavy drink crosses across my tongue the flavors of burnt coffee and slight chocolate notes are present, and linger for a good minute or two with a wonderful bitterness, even after the last drop had been swallowed.


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