Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ode to Mercy by Wild Heaven Craft Beers

After thoroughly enjoying Invocation, I am finding it impossible to not open up a bottle of Wild Heaven’s Ode to Mercy, an imperial brown ale, while relaxing and listening to John Coltrane this Sunday afternoon.

The beer pours a semi clear nut brown color, with a head that quickly dissipates from a strong crown to slight tiara atop the beverage.

The nose is malt forward with the aroma of dark chocolate and a slight bread or yeast twang. 

The dark, chocolate notes carry forward into the flavor with a  full bodied, warm nuttyness and oak notes. As the upfront malt subsides on the palate, a nice, understated hop spiciness becomes apparent, giving the malt nature of the beverage wonderful depth.

Everything about this beer works in creating a complex drinking experience, merging Old World malt centric ale with the hop hungry desires of the New World.
This beer has the profile of say, a Newcastle Brown Ale that has been tweaked for the palate of the American craft beer drinker.

I cannot recommend this beer enough.


1 comment:

bigjeffro said...

awesome label! looks like a great brew!

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