Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brick Mason Double India Pale Ale By Red Brick Brewing Company

Well, I hope every one of my readers had an enjoyable IPA day yesterday. Personally. I did, too bad I enjoyed it a bit too much before having an opportunity to write up the reviews of the two beers I enjoyed for the first time last night. Luckily though, I took notes with ink on paper to act as a placeholder for my thoughts on the two new brews as my wife occupied herself with our shared for computer for the moment (FYI, laptop keyboards and spaghetti sauce don’t mix).

The first bear of the night was a recent released from Red Brick Brewing Co, based just outside Atlanta, GA, their much-lauded Brick Mason Double IPA.

Pouring the ale into a pint glass obtained on one of the several tours of their shop, the beer was a rich orange color with amber notes, and sported an off white head with a light orange tint. The head was fluffy and sticky, creating gorgeous lacing as the beer was consumed.

The aroma of the beer was hop forward, with floral a leaning.

With the first sip the palate is hit with a deluge of floral hop bitterness. As the tongue begins to cope with the robust hoppiness bright flavors of orange peel become apparent as a light caramel backend develops.

Hands down this has to be the best beer to come from Red Brick since I’ve lived in Atlanta, and was an excellent beginning to National IPA Day.


Pope Crisco

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