Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brewhouse Brown by Real Ale Brewing Co

Well, Sunday is coming to a close, and I am finishing out a week of ups and downs with another beer. Keeping it local this time, I am drinking a Brewhouse Brown, by the Real Ale Brewing Co out of Blanco, TX.

The beer pours a deep and dark reddish brown hue and while it has a clarity showing lots of active CO2, it is really own discernable when put next to a desk lamp. The head is lacking in height, but the dimes worth of head that remains after the initial pour is hardy and creates a wonderful lacing as the beverage disappears.

The aroma of the ale is warm and bready with a slight caramel note.

As the first mouthful of the Brewhouse Brown Ale is consumed, there is a nice medium full flavor of roasted nuts and burnt caramel. No substantial hop or citrus flavors are present, but a coffee bitterness does develop, adding depth to the malty goodness on the front end.

This sampling of Real Ale’s brown ale is what I would define as a quintessential Texas beer, exhibiting the best attributes of German and Czech brewers. In contrast with the English influence on beer seen in hop forward brews from the West and East Coasts, Texas breweries, and this beer in particular, work with malt as their medium of choice, giving grain instead of botanicals their opportunity to put their best foot forward.


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