Friday, August 19, 2011

Saint Arnold's Weedwacker

Happy Friday congregation of the Intoxico, the defacto church of intoxicants,

Despite some setbacks earlier in the week, things are looking good for yours truly. Tomorrow I will have my fourth interview in 8 days, and if all things going according to plan, my brother, sister in law, wife, and I will be going to a local brewery’s tour of their facilities and enjoy a tasting of their offerings. Obviously if that works out, there will be a supporting post.

Tonight I decided to pop the cap off a bottle of a different Texas brewery’s beer, the beer from Houston’s Saint Arnold’s Brewery, one of Texas’ oldest craft breweries.

The beer is St. Arnold’s Weedwacker, a variation on their staple Lawnmower. Where both beers have the same ratio and types of malts and hops, Weedwacker replaces the Kolsch yeast from a hefeweizen strain. For what its worth, this is a favorite beer of my sister in law, and always on hand in my brothers fridge along side other local and national craft beers.

True to form, the beer pours out a pale yellow hue with a lot of sediment, making the brew cloudy.  The head that was formed with an aggressive pour quickly died down to one that was nonexistent in the glass.

Taking a healthy whiff off the top of the freshly poured beer there was a lot of generic citrus notes with a very slight, banana maltiness.

The citrus notes carried on the palate with a medium bodied tasty orange and lemon peel zest flavors that match an equally medium bodied bitterness that was quite refreshing. Once the upfront citrus subsided, a nice, mild banana, a milder clove essence gave a roundness and slight backbone to the beverage.

With the combination of an overall, well balance brew, dry mouthfeel, and mild to medium flavor profile this beer is a wonderful summer brew that can stand on its own, and cleanse the palate when enjoying a fine meal.


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