Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brickhouse Toro

Well boys and girls the weekend is upon us.

After a week of internal family drama, and a handful of some promising and other not so promising job interviews this week, I am ready to enjoy some quiet time with a cigar and a brew or two. Because of scheduling conflicts I will have to miss out on the planned brewery tour at Rahr and Sons in Fort Worth, but due to heat and laziness on my part, sitting in front of the computer with the newest issue of Brew Your Own Magazine and a Brickhouse Toro suits me just fine.

The Brickhouse line of cigars is rolled by JC Newman Company, producers of a number of brands that dominate the super premium cigar market, including the likes of Arturo Fuente and Cuesta-Rey among others. The blend is Nicaraguan binder and fillers wrapped with a Havana Subido wrapper.

After the initial light of the stick is a natural tobacco sweetness that is accented by slight spice and woodiness when smoke is exhaled through the nose.

By the time the first third is burned through, the spiciness of this medium bodied cigar has picked up a lot of steam and sings with the suggestion of hints of nutmeg and coco.

By the midpoint of the cigar the spice subsides and develops a nice earthy and oak body, and stays pretty constant through the end of the smoking pleasure.

Never throughout any point in the cigar does any metallic or bitterness notes develop, making this medium strong and flavored cigar an excellent value at a little more than the five and change spent on it.

Happy smoking,
Pope Crisco

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