Monday, August 29, 2011

Stone Smoked Porter by Stone Brewing Company

If not having a job has any benefits, it's that it gives me oodles of time to pursue my obsession of intoxication.

Sporting my mighty unemployment beard, I spent a majority of the day today applying for a few jobs, visiting the bank, tweaking my blog and shooting out emails, but mostly watching a travel and drinking show on, “Three Sheets.” Feeling better about not popping a cap at lunchtime, I feel that 4 p.m. is a fine time to start drinking.

Getting ready for a big push of reviews on craft beers brewed in Texas in September, I decided it was time to clear the fridge of any beer brewed outside of the Lone Star State. While making my selection, I found it an easy choice to start with the Stone Smoked Porter, the last of three bombers that were recently obtained from San Diego based Stone Brewing Company.

The beer poured out as dark as the heart of Dick Cheney, with a tan, assertive, head that quickly retreated into the black brew.

The essence of the beer’s aroma was chocolaty with bready warmth that invited this drinker in with the promise of good things.

As the beer hit my tongue a bouquet with a wealth and depth of coffee and chocolate flavors attacked the palate in full force. As my mouth acclimates to the full body character of chocolate and coffee malts, subtle notes of oak and smokiness develop, adding to the already delicious complexity of the beer.

As I finish the rich and dry Stone Smoked Porter, I am left with not just an empty pint glass, but also a palate full of desire for more of Stone Brewing Companies craft beer selections.


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