Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homebrew #5 Chocolate Goat Coffee Stout

A little more than a month ago I began brewing this chocolate stout with a recipe put together by the staff of Hop City, an Atlanta beer and wine purveyor that offers some of the best brewing equipment and ingredients in the I285 perimeter. Coffee from a local coffee shop called Dancing Goats was added prior to bottling, giving the beer its name, Chocolate Goat.

Overall I am pleased with the beer that is coffee forward with slight chocolate backend. Heavy on malts, almost no hop bitterness is present, however on all of my home brewed beer there is a slight aftertaste that I wish wasn’t there, despite it being very light. Perhaps this is a side effect of the use of malt extracts as opposed to all grain brewing? I don’t know.

Hopefully the beer will develop more, being only about 10 days old since bottling. Time will tell. For those who I have given samples, feel free to pop a top for a tasting. I am hopeful you’ll like my result.


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