Saturday, August 6, 2011

Monk's Revenge By Terrapin Brewing Co.

Kicking off with the very strait forward and benchmark style of the double IPA from Red Brick,  for IPA Day, another Georgia beer followed up with a bit of a curve ball on the India Pale Ale style.  Hailing from Athens, GA, Terrapin’s first showing of the night was Monk’s Revenge. Part of their “Monster Beer Tour,” the Belgian India Pale Ale is a high ABV beer that appears to have been brewed with Belgian yeast.

The body exhibiting a copper hue, the head was thin, but exhibited excellent lacing qualities as the beer was consumed.

An aroma of hops initially greets the olfactory glands, but is quickly inundated also with a banana and clove backend.

On the initial consumption in this beer there is the hop bitterness that one expects from an American India Pale Ale. As the sharp carbonated syrup like beverage washes over the tongue the banana and clove flavors one expects from in a Belgian triple becomes apparent. In the mix with the citrus, these fruit flavors develop a flavor reminiscent of natural cherries.

As the bitterness subsides, the beer developes into a more traditional Belgian banana and clove mélange with a touch of cloying sweetness.

As the night progressed I had a few more Terrapin bottles, uncapping several bottles of Hopsecutioner and Hop Karma Brown IPA, exploring the wonderful play that this brewery fills its dance card with different combinations hops, malts and yeasts.


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