Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Pils By Saint Arnold Brewing Company

I really dislike two things above most others, those things being drama and waiting, and right now I am knee deep in both. While the drama is not so conductive to producing content for this blog, having a lot of time means I have more time to drink beer, smoke cigars, and ingest more food and fiction than is probably healthy.

I’ll avoid specifics, but today has been a day of watching the phone and multiple email accounts. With 5 o’clock bearing down on this Friday, I have resolved to stop checking my phone for missed calls, and checking my inbox for signs of life every five minutes. To facilitate this decision I have decided to twist off the red cap of another Summer Pils, from Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston, TX.

As the beer meets the pint glass a lot of active carbonation is witnessed. As the volume of the crystal clear, straw colored beverage increases a frothy, stark white head begins to form.  When the pour is completed the body of the pilsner is full of tiny bubbles that would give Don Ho a reason to sing. While the head attains a good two fingers, the froth’s staying power is short lived and diminishes to about the width of a couple nickels.

The aroma is malt forward with the smells of bread and grain with a slight hop backend slightly more reminiscent of lemon than other common citrus odors.  

Flavors of grain carry across the tongue as the beer is consumed, with a nice generic citrus and grassy backend that leaves the palate wet and clean. This medium to light bodied pilsner, while ultimately very drinkable, does leave a very slight acrid aftertaste that I could do without, but this beer is a wonderful way to pass time as the sun and the end to the work week bares down on innocent Texans.


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