Thanks For Your Continued Support

This page is to thank my mother, my passed father, and Haley, my wife, for whom this experiment wouldn’t be possible, or at least much more difficult, to continue.

I also wish to thank the following friends and family who have given me praise by complimenting my work, or sharing it with others. Without criticism and praise good works are harder and slower to develop. These people are the audience I am trying to entertain, converse with, and educate in the obsessions that I maintain. If your name isn’t here, you still mean a lot to me, these are just those suns that burn the brightest in my universe.

Sarah W. with Juicy Bits, an excellent trek in the culinary arts.
Joffre The Giant with his Blog, and PipeSmokingBloggers webring.
Scotty D (Crunkin)
Sharron D.
Tom Coleman (perhaps the best storyteller I know, and excellent father in law)
Dr. Chris W.
Justine B.
Greg P.
Amanda J.
Ryan C.
Samantha C.
The people of

Please visit their websites if one is linked to their name. I assure you quality content is available.

This page is also to praise those individuals and sponsors who have made contributions of resources, whether it was an outlay of goods or fiscal contribution, to help provide content and develop the site.  Please give them your business to support this site and others like this one.

Lastly, but perhaps the most important, I thank all readers of this blog, whether they are die hard or casual. Every opportunity to reach you, and to be part of the larger conversation, is the sites purpose. Without you there would be absolutely no Intoxico!
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