Friday, February 20, 2009

Boswell's Cherry Smash

Of the blend’s I picked up from Boswell pipes, this is perhaps my favorite, as evidence from the decimated remnants of the ounce of this tobacco that remains unsmoked after of only having for about two weeks.

The pouch note is that of maraschino cherries, and looks beautiful with blond reds contrasted with specks of black of ribbon tobacco. While the casing is obvious, it is only slightly sticky to the touch as the bowl is packed, as opposed to the goopiness of McClelland’s Take 6.

Upon lighting the fodder, it is very mild in flavor. Light whispers of hay and cherry can be tasted, the cherry being only slightly more predominant. At the mid-bowl a nice generic spice is tasted, and made more apparent when pulled through the nose. This profile stays consistent through the end of the bottom of the pipe.

On the nicotine front I would say it has a mild to medium content.

Overall it is a very nice cherry aromatic that is easy to smoke, even if it is for the most part lacking in dimension. A very good morning and social smoking experience.

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